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We love inspiring brands and the local entrepreneurs that bring cities to life. We make it possible for their stories to reach the consumer and to create connections. We accomplish this through our platform for brands, our app for entrepreneurs, and the power of content.

Empowering local business!

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How does it work?

Platform packed with pictures We collect pictures with text from brands, suppliers, local government, influencers, associations for entrepreneurs and other sources in the Embrosa platform.

Download pictures from the app The pictures with text in the Embrosa Pics app inspire entrepreneurs and can be downloaded for online and offline marketing.

Get smart statistics Want to know how effective your content is? Want to know who use your content? With Embrosa you can make data-driven decisions.

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Are you a city marketeer?

Turn your local entrepreneurs into a PR army

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Advantages for suppliers

  • Brand promotion and control Your resellers use your content to promote your products and to strengthen your brand. Exactly the way you supply it, worldwide.

  • Increase your impact Your content is spread by someone who is trusted by the consumer and whose advice is valued by the consumer.

  • Access to smart statistics Your dashboard shows several statistics about the effectivity of your content and the activity of your retail outlets. This way you can make data-informed decisions.

Advantages for entrepreneurs

  • Inspiring pictures Get inspired by the professional pictures of the brands you sell. We also added beautiful general images. Awesome!

  • Download pictures Download the pictures and copy the texts from the app directly to your phone. Super easy and super fast.

  • Your marketing Use the pictures and texts freely for your all your marketing purposes. Like social media, newsletters, flyers and website.

Advantages for city marketeers

  • Keep your city colourful The local entrepreneur contributes to an interesting and colorful city center with authentic shops and an inviting atmosphere. Help these entrepreneurs to become futureproof.

  • Promote your city Let local entrepreneurs tell the stories of your city. They are your ambassador! The city becomes alive when people know its story.

  • Easy, quick, and low investment You don’t need any big investments, training or extra staff. Let Embrosa Pics create your story.

  • Take data-informed decisions You receive data about your content. What appeals to your target audience and what doesn’t? Learn from your content, your community and your entrepreneurs.

This is what our users say

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to stay noticed by my customers!

Suus from Suus Haartrends

At Embrosa, you get great pictures. That’s just awesome!

Pascal from De Heerenkamer

Ready-made photos with descriptions that I can adjust myself. It doesn’t get any better!

Roos from BioBeautyCompany

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The Embrosa Pics app allows you to download professional pictures and text for the brands that you sell – with just the touch of a button.

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