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Create unique brand awareness through your local resellers’ social media. Embrosa delivers YOUR marketing content!

How the magic happens...

Box your story We collect pictures and videos from brands, suppliers, trade organizations, associations for entrepreneurs, influencers, and other sources in our app. We box your story, ready to use by your resellers. So by uploading your content, together we make social media marketing a breeze for your local resellers!

Ship your story Your local resellers, independent entrepreneurs, or your association’s members open our app and - BAM! inspiration! - all your marketing content ready to use. And, no need to be a social media wizard, we made it really easy to use. Resellers share your brand’s story to social media with one touch.

Your story is out there Brand awareness is everything, you know that! Together we enable local retailers to easily communicate your story to their community. Global-to-local, just like that! COOL!! The world of retail is changing rapidly and we help you and your resellers catch the wave of social media marketing!

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Once you’ve shipped your story, all you have to do is let your resellers know: open the Embrosa app for daily inspiration! You’ll find professional pictures and videos with or without text for the brands that you sell. Share your next social media post directly from our app with just one click.

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What's in it for me, you ask?

  • Brand promotion and control Taking away the complexity of how your brand is being promoted is our superpower. Your resellers use YOUR content to promote your products and to strengthen your brand. Exactly the way you supply it! And, no more difficult transfers of files, but a beautiful brand page with a personalized URL to share.

  • Global to local Local is the future. Embrosa is a 100% digital content logistics platform, delivering marketing content from the brand manager at your brand’s headquarters to the thousands of local retailers across the globe. So from global to local, like magic. With just the touch of a smartphone screen!

  • Increase your impact Your content is spread by someone who is trusted by the local consumer, the professional. Your brand’s story is being told, everywhere, you’re impact is huge, and with great ease! Both for you, and for your local resellers. Your brand page redirects interested resellers that want to start selling your brand to your sales department.

  • Smart technology and data You’ll love the technology behind it all. Your dashboard shows stats about the effectiveness of your content and the activity of your resellers. No more guessing and hoping. This way you can make data-informed decisions, your marketing department will know exactly what works best! And did we mention our automagical translations?

This is what our users say

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to stay noticed by my customers! My story is out there. Daily!

Suus @ Suus Haartrends - local entrepreneur

In the app, you find amazing pictures. And it’s so easy. That’s just awesome!

Pascal @ De Heerenkamer - local entrepreneur

Ready-to-use photos with text that I can easily give a personal touch and post. It doesn’t get any better!

Roos @ BioBeautyCompany - local entrepreneur