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Esprit history
The history of Esprit started in California in 1968. Founders Susie and Doug Tompkins, who got to know each other whilst hitchhiking, sold their homemade clothes from the trunk of their car.
Since then, Esprit has grown into an international fashion brand that stands for style and quality, available in more than 40 countries worldwide. Casual style, authenticity and a carefree, positive attitude are at the heart of the brand's philosophy. The Esprit promise “WE WANT TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD TO LOOK GOOD” is a common thread in all Esprit collections. The brand is loved all over the world.
These positive values ​​are also clearly reflected in the collection of Esprit Eyewear. Attention to details in design, material and fit, in combination with the latest fashion trends, results in inspiring and stylish Esprit frames and sunglasses, which are also attractively priced!
Esprit optical eyewear
The Esprit frame collection shows a series of exquisite, high-quality, great-fitting eyewear for women men and kids. Comfort is an essential Esprit tenet and the latest line delivers with weightless, snug models in canny material mixes like shiny metal, stainless steel, ultem and rubber. Many styles are also suitable for teenagers and adults with a small face. Whether you are looking for modern-minimalist or more bolder styles, there’s something for every taste and occasion in the Esprit optical eyewear collection.
Esprit sunglasses
The casual and positive vibe of Esprit is unmistakably present in the sunglass collection, with fresh colours and trendy styles, made of high-quality materials. The sunglasses are comfortable and lightweight, and fit perfectly on your nose. Many styles can be fitted with prescription lenses.

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