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Progear Eyeguard

Optiplus B.V.

Sports glasses are not a luxury! You can prevent eye injuries during sports by wearing good sports glasses. Progear Eyeguard sports glasses protect the eyes perfectly during sports. Look cool - be safe!

✓ Progear sports glasses have the highest rating in three international sports safety standards - ASTM F803 (USA), EN 166 (Europe) and JIS T8147.5.1d (Japan).
✓ The round shape of the frame ensures perfect visibility and a very comfortable fit.
✓ The frame is made of impact resistant, lightweight and strong polycarbonate, suitable for high-impact sports.
✓ Beveled V-bevel (the inside is 1.6 mm wider) to prevent knock-out.
✓ Impact-resistant optical quality polycarbonate lenses with a center thickness of 3 mm, hard coating and UV protection (the glasses can be glazed).
✓ The frame has a thermo plastic rubber nose pad on the inside and two side pads for optimal cushioning.
✓ The springs are covered with rubber on the inside so that the glasses do not shift during exercise.
✓ For extra secure attachment, the supplied neoprene headband can be attached to the frame. This is supplied as standard and is adjustable.

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