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Ad Lib is born from the idea of ​​creating a collection that would differ starkly from other titanium eyewear collections. The collection would veer away from subdued grey, brown and silver shades. Instead, lively colour accents set the tone and show that they also work well on titanium frames.
In addition to the focus on strong colours, the core concept of Ad Lib is based on dynamic accents inspired by fashion, pop culture, sports and technology trends. Just as trends constantly change, so too does the Ad Lib design.
"Ad Lib" is derived from the Latin term "ad libitum", meaning "to be free". It describes for example when a piece of music is played freely without a score.
The name is perfect for the collection, because it expresses exactly the message that Ad Lib should essentially convey: enjoy wearing glasses.
This brand, born and designed in Paris, has taken the best of Japanese technology and French design to reveal a collection of sophisticated and trendy eyewear that constantly seeks to reinvent the pairing of titanium and colour. Ad Lib wearers can enjoy their glasses for a long time, because this contemporary label promotes superior quality frames, enabling a high level of everyday comfort thanks to the lightness, flexibility and hypoallergenic qualities of the materials featured.
In general, Ad Lib is aimed at anyone who feels young and lives actively. It’s the frame collection for everyone who wants to wear glasses that express this positive attitude towards life.

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